Creative Native seeks to empower and inspire Indigenous youth to explore the field of creative arts and live production. By providing an opportunity for professional mentorship, the project offers learning experience and confidence building while demonstrating to youth how they could have a future working within the arts. Beginning with a Creative Native arts weekend and extending to mentoring their peers in neighbouring communities – this project empowers youth to step into leadership roles and apply their knowledge.

Creative Native will see Indigenous youth designing and producing art exhibits, awards, and live shows on their own home turf. Starting with community consultation and relationship building, professional mentors will collaborate with youth to plan a weekend which spotlights their creativity and fosters a rich mentorship experience. Professional Indigenous artists and performers will open the weekend, supporting the youth and celebrating their success.



Creative Native is dedicated to fostering a network of mentorship for Indigenous youth who are interested in pursuing a career in the arts. Youth will not only experience mentorship while producing their hometown gallery and concert shows, but will have support from the Creative Native team as they begin their careers. Whether their journey involves attending post-secondary school or going straight to work, youth will have an on-ramp to long-term support as they pursue their careers.



The Creative Native Project provides Indigenous youth with on-going support by a team of passionate and dedicated mentors to prepare, plan, and execute their shows.

The journey begins with community consultations and relationship building. By the end of the program members go on to mentor peers in a nearby participating community and access continuous career support.